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The 2019 Winners

Above & Beyond 2019

Nicola Allen


Best Event Organised by a Support Professional 2019

Gemma Boyle


Brand Ambassador Award 2019

Rachael May


External PA Network Award 2019

Sussex PA Network


Internal PA Network Award 2019

Executive Assistants at the Co-op


Fundraiser of the Year 2019

Mandy Allen


Health and Wellbeing Award 2019

Claire Benson


Leader of the Year 2019

Diane LeStrange


Rising Star Award 2019

Hannah Valentine


Social Media Champion Award 2019

Debbie Grimshaw


Team of the Year 2019

Brother UK Exec Support Team


Virtual Assistant Award 2019

Beth Graham


Lifetime Achievement Award 2019

Tracey Williams


Excellence Award 2019

Mimi Coiffait


PA of the Year 2019

Grainne Shaw