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Answering the questions

  • Make sure you read the questions carefully and ensure your replies answer the question fully.
  • Any information you supply should be relevant, and answers must be focused.

 Play by the rules

  • Please stick to the word count – our judges have to work to deadlines as well.
  • Please make sure any uploads are within the requested sizes.
  • Please also ensure your uploads are in the correct formats.
  • Don’t delay please submit your nomination by the closing date!

Clear Communication

Remember our judges will be looking through hundreds of entries, so to help them

  • Be concise, clear and focused – with an easy to read copy as you would if you were submitting a CV or a job application.
  • Make your entry easy to understand.
  • Make your entry stand out by writing with enthusiasm and passion this is the time to give our judges your WOW factor.
  • Please don’t be tempted to use jargon, inflated claims, unexplained acronyms and unedited copy-and-pasting – keep it real!!

 Include supporting evidence

  • Make sure the supporting material backs up your claims in the main submission.
  • Relevant facts and figures can improve your awards entry.

 Leave enough time

  • Nobody likes rushing, and your submission is likely to not be your best if you leave it to the last minute.
  • Allocate yourself more time than you think you will need.
  • Draft your entry before you submit it, ask someone to read it for you.
  • As your entry can’t be saved and re-visited, we suggest completing your entry submission on a Word document first so that you can simply copy and paste onto the entry form to avoid errors.


  • Typos can make a good submission look sloppy.
  • Thoroughly check spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Using these guidance notes will not guarantee success, but it will give your entry the best possible chance of making compelling reading for the judging panel.